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seoulmoon's Journal

26 March 1989
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bring storms that wash away sin and shame...

(i'm ready to weather the clouds and dance in the rain)

©isaacsABOUT: This is just a lovely little fic journal. I'm new to the Kpop fandom, feeling things out, getting to know some of the bands and testing the waters in writing.
I love to write smut. *laughs* I really do. Sometimes the story gets in the way as my ideas tend to snowball but I love to write smut. Most writing starts with simply a word or a sentence spoken by one of the people involved and I build around that one little bit of inspiration.
I don't like to write tons of dialogue. I aim for details. Description. It lends itself easier to picturing things in your mind.

ADDICTIONS: Procrastinating, YAOI, rainy sundays, caaaaaaaaandy, teen top, shinee, ukiss, thunderstorms, driving with my best friend while listening to music that's far too loud, ice cream, deviantart, ♥
WISDOM: "Every wall is a door." —Ralph Waldo Emerson

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